Onitsha Market Literature

Bibliography of writings on Nigerian market literature :
a sequel

Compiled by
Kenneth P. Lohrentz
African Studies Librarian
University of Kansas Libraries

Note.—This bibliography is a sequel to "Bibliography of writings on Nigerian market literature," in Market literature from Nigeria : a checklist, ed. by Peter Hogg and Ilse Sternberg, pp. xiii-xix (London : British Library, 1990).  Hogg & Sternberg is the standard bibliographic work both of and about Onitsha market literature.  The bibliography cited above includes 89 sources about the genre that were published or written prior to 1985.  The compilation below lists sources written since that date and also includes a few earlier works not included in Hogg & Sternberg’s bibliography.

The various compilations of Bernth Lindfors’ Black African Literature in English, spanning most of the period covered by this listing, were invaluable for this project.  Other standard bibliographies, including the African Studies Abstracts (Leiden), the International African Bibliography (London), and the Africa Bibliography (Manchester and Dover, NH), were also consulted.  Bibliographic databases utilized included WorldCat, Dissertation Abstracts Online, the Africana Conference Paper Index, and the online catalog of the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University.

The compiler wishes to acknowledge the valuable assistance of Joy Wrolson, Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Theatre and Film, University of Kansas, in the compilation of this bibliography.

A., T.  “Ekwensi roots for Onitsha brand.”  Sunday Times  (Lagos) 3 March 1991: 3.

Emphasizes the importance of popular literature in a speech on “The Creative writer and the challenge of the moment.

Adinuba, C. Don.  "Onitsha market literature.”  Manchester Guardian  11 April 1987: 13; 18 April 1987: 13; 25 April 1987: 13.

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Anya, Udegbunem, and Lee Nichols.  Udegbunem Anya, Nigeria (Onitsha market writer) [sound recording].  [Washington, D.C.] : Voice of America [1975-1979?]

The author discusses the pulp fiction that he wrote in the 1950’s in the Onitsha market genre.  He reads from one of his short novels and comments on the early beginning of literature in modern Nigeria.

Bastian, Misty Laurette.  "The World as marketplace : historical, cosmological, and popular constructions of the Onitsha market system (Igbo, Nigeria).”  Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Chicago, Cultural Anthropology, 1992.

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Includes a chapter on "Onitsha market literature : the chapbook heroine.”

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Discusses the "Onitsha phenomenon” in the broader context of post-war literary developments in Nigeria.

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See pp. 23-33: "Postwar popular literatures in Nigeria.”

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__________.  Readings in African popular fiction.  London ; Bloomington : International African Institute in association with Indiana University Press, 2002.

Includes two articles previously published in other sources: "Onitsha market literature,” / by Donatus Nwoga and "The Role of the publisher in Onitsha market literature / by Don Dodson.

Nichols, Lee.  "An Onitsha market writer.”  African Literature Association Bulletin (Edmonton) 16, no. 2 (1990): 83.  

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Says it died with the Nigerian civil war.

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Covers Onitsha writing.

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Includes a chapter on Onitsha writers.

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__________.  Life turns man up and down : high life, useful advice, and mad English : African market literature.  1st ed.  New York : Pantheon Books, 2001.





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